Poor drainage = poor results

Water is vital in many aspects of our lives yet, water can also be costly and sometimes deadly. Proper drainage around your home can have positive effects. Proper drainage can add years to your investment but without proper drainage, trouble brews.

Having a good gutter system on your home is not only cost effective but cost preventative. Gutters carry away the rain water and distributes it away from your structure. Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause more damage as water cannot be diverted away. Clogs, improper slope, poor installation or damage can allow water to run behind and cascade over the front of gutters which can impact the grade around the foundation.

A proper grade around the base perimeter will ensure the water stays away and does not pool in this area. Dirt should slope away from all sides of your foundation six inches in ten feet. When this is not possible a drainage system may be used to drain water away from the foundation.

Grading at the foundation often directs water underneath sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. Contours can be formed so that runoff and excess irrigation water are directed away from concrete and asphalt. Underground drainage systems may be used, where contouring is not possible, to carry drainage to an appropriate place.

Today’s homes are built to last many years with proper maintenance. I have seen many homes lacking gutters which can cause 10’s of thousands of dollars to properly repair. If your home or potential new purchase is lacking a gutter system and/or improper grade around the foundation, consult a licensed contractor to help you save money on your investment. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – unknown.


Author: abetterchoicehomeinspection

Hello and Welcome, I'm Wayne Cerra, Owner and Inspector of A Better Choice Home Inspection. I started my Career in 1986 as a part time Inspector in Massachusetts. By 1996 I had Incorporated into Total Exposure Home Inspection serving Greater Boston area where I have inspected over 5,000 residential properties. In 2008 I relocated to Cape Coral, Florida where I operate A Better Choice Home Inspection and have inspected over 2,000 residential inspections and 2,500 Insurance Inspections. Accurate, dependable and honest reporting without all the fluff. My Inspection practices are geared towards todays needs. Maintenance and repairs are discussed. I work solely for the Consumer with their best interests in mind. Education is key. I work hard to make sure I stay up with the latest building trends and continue to better myself with the Client in mind. I have worked in every aspect of the residential building process as well as educated on all environmental challenges associated with structures and the building envelope. My focus today is older homes that require more maintenance with so many older homes in Lee County. I am available to provide your inspection needs for a first time buyer or a seasoned Investor, I provide a detailed report with photos and explanations e-mailed to you by end of the business day. For Home Owners looking to renew or shop around, I can meet their inspection needs with scheduling your wind mitigation verification reports, four point inspections and/or a Roof Certification report. Call me, Wayne at 239-989-3349 to schedule your Inspection.

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